President’s Run

Between our client work we had a couple of weeks where a group of us wouldn’t have anything to work on.  We got together and created an idea that we could do within 2 weeks from start to finish.  We tried to keep the scope reasonable, but still have a complete fun game in the end.  Someone thought that a game centered around Presidential candidates would be timely with the elections this year, and a distance runner seemed in scope, so Campaign Dash President’s Run was born.  We worked at a breakneck speed to get the game done in 2 weeks, and ended up taking a couple extra weeks to tweak the store and add some updates to it.  I was able to

  • Implement some crucial parts of the gameplay (pickups, character controller)
  • Put in a lot of the UI
  • Helped design the whole game with the team
  • Learned to keep things in scope
  • EZGUI system for Unity3D

App Store Link