DreamWorks Dragons Adventure

  • Used Unity Physics to create StarFox like minigame
    • Read Accelerometer for flight controls
    • Blend animations depending on turning, boosting, shooting
    • Detect collision to stay in level, go through rings, hit targets
    • Flexible camera system for quick iteration
  • UI programming using NGUI for minigame and map
  • Used HERE maps to generate map around your location
    • (HERE maps are what Bing, Yahoo, Facebook use)
    • Built manager to download and cache map tiles in your location and destination
    • Creating “Quests” (directions) and populating with locations of interest
  • Tutorial System
    • Component based, attach to whatever items need tutoring
    • Add actions to tutorial items to trigger anything
    • Manager handles displaying and queueing tutorial items
  • Resource manager
    • Spawning resources while on your quests
    • Collecting resources and maintaining inventory
    • Using resources to feed and train your dragons
  • Analytics using multiple vendors
    • Created Manager to handle reporting to different analytics across different platforms
    • REST HTTP web calls to log DreamWorks analytics

Unity3D, C#, Nokia Tablets (2520 Sirius Lumia & 1520 Bandit), Unity Physics, HERE maps, REST, Flurry

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