EA Work

Tetris Blitz and Tetris ’14 (Unreleased)

The project I was hired to work on at EA was cancelled before my first day.  So before we started the next project, I joined the Tetris team and quickly learned the project and made myself useful.  I worked through a couple of updates to Tetris Blitz, implemented some new UI, and fixed some bugs.  One particular bug was in UI compilation; for years their UI system would incorrectly nest certain UI objects because the compilation to C++ objects miss-ordered things.  We began work on Tetris ’14, but that was eventually cancelled when the Tetris license changed.  In Tetris ’14 we used the established Tetris algorithms, but I extended it to work with new pieces and power-ups.

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Sports Game Prototype

  • Designed systems for character building, collecting, stats
  • Directed AI development for characters and plays
  • Developed card purchasing and deck management

Unity3D, C++, C#, iOS, NGUI