Ice Age: Arctic Blast

  • Point Lead for team/Zynga
  • Setup Facebook developer app, login and association
  • Setup Economy items, store secrets, signing apps so IAP works
  • Setup PN on Amazon AWS, gathering of device token, registering with server, delivering PN
  • Interfaced app with Amazon S3 for DLC and Akamai as our distributed CDN
  • Setup Crittercism project, interfaced app with it, improved bug reports
  • Worked with Zynga AdOps to set up ads using Fuse
  • Made app COPPA compliant by limiting ads, social features, notifications if under 13
  • Created Jira project, setup milestones, created tickets and managed several artists and programmers
  • Setup automated and manual build jobs on Jenkins for testing, release, localization
  • Handled design of builds on Zota for distributing builds
  • Created scripts to build, test, upload, validate for use on Jenkins and Zota
  • Setup provisioning profiles and signing certificates, integrated into build process
  • Added most Analytic calls using Zynga’s taxonomy system
  • Setup A/B Experiments and Server Configs, and handled putting QA and developers in desired experiments
  • Taught artists how to lay out UI in Unity using NGUI, added most UI functionality
  • Implemented particles from artists
  • Setup localization automation to deliver and receive from translators
  • Merged shared code and Zynga libraries into project using git and zpup
  • Lead contact for transitioning app to Studio I

Unity3D, C#, iOS, Android, Amazon Store, NGUI, Fuse, Amazon S3, Akamai, COPPA, Jira, Jenkins, Bash

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