Offroad Elimination (Unreleased)

  • Created initialization flow that worked at any starting point, making development easier
  • Created initialization graph to easily handle changing manager dependencies
  • Designed state machines for overall game flow
  • Used Rewired to make any controller work in development, including custom controller from CastAR
  • Implemented most UI, solving new AR problems
  • Created build tool to automate steps in build process
  • Designed and implemented all parts of Asset Bundle management
  • Documented how to use Asset Bundles for entire company
  • Brought project to Android before final specifications came in to test
  • Used shaders to apply skins and colorization to vehicles
  • Set up debug menu for everyone to use in builds or in editor

Unity3D, C#, Android, uGUI, AR, BehaviorDesigner, PlayMaker, Rewired